Shaping Treatments

Body Wrap Treatments

Universal Contour Mud Wrap

Full Body Mud Wrap with Measure – £74.00 (Treatment Time Approx. 2 Hours)
Full Body without Measure – £67.00
Half Body (Legs or Chest or Stomach) – £59.00

Three for Two

On all Body Wraps Wow this is an extremely popular method !

  • Full Body Contour Mud Wrap with Measure – Three Wraps £222.00 – 3 for 2 only £148.00
  • Full Body Without Measure – Three Wraps £201.00 – 3 for 2 only £134.00
  • Half Body Wrap Without Measure – Three Wraps £177.00 – 3 for 2 only £118.00

(All three wraps must be completed within three of the initial wrap. Check with us for full Terms & Conditions)

The Universal Contour Wrap has been voted as one of the top ten beauty treatments in the world guaranteeing in body measurements.

This wrap is not a ‘sweat water reducing wrap’ that is reversed as soon as you drink fluids. The method of treatment is to expertly wrap your body in warm bandages that have been soaked in a natural sea clay solution.

The effect on the body is like a giant poultice. The solution in the bandages opens your pores and gently draws out the toxins and impurities through your skin, a natural lymphatic drainage route, and effectively flattens and smooth’s the contours, including the cellulite dimpling.

A one-off treatment is normally taken before a special day or a holiday. For those seeking optimum results a course of three is recommended and these should be taken seven to ten days apart. Clients often report dropping a complete dress size after three wraps. The results achieved can be maintained for longer period with correct diet and exercise and, if required, the occasional top-up wrap.

Electro Stimulation to increase Body Tone

Each Session Ultrafast £42.00

**Offer Each Session Ultrafast £32.00 – 40 minutes**

This state-of-the-art Electronic Muscle Stimulating unit exercises each muscle over 1,000 times in each 40 minute session while you lay back and relax, thus tightening and toning. Consequently, sagging stomachs and unsightly bulges, caused by slack muscle tone, are no more. Program categories:

The in depth penetration of the signal will stimulate the metabolic rate and help to burn off fat while also tightening and pulling in muscles and loose skin.

Deep Lift & Tone -The wide pulses and long stimulation times will access the muscles which cannot be ordinarily reached with active exercise. The instant recruitment of these large Body shaping muscles will give fast, superb body sculpting results.

Workout – The intensive sequential stimulation will aerobically transform muscles, producing curves and shaping for a perfect silhouette and a fit body.

Bust Lift & Arms – This new fast acting Program will cycle through a skin rejuvenation treatment along with a precise pattern of signals designed to lift and strengthen the breast and under arm muscles. A course of treatments will produce a lovely domed effect to the cleavage and keep the breast firm while the microcurrent rotation will rejuvenate the dermal layers of arm and hands.

Hips, Thighs & Buttocks Lift – A vigorous and energising sequence of deep pulses combined with Anti-cellulite signals and the Ultrawave product penetration Microcurrent will help the thighs and give the buttocks a firm shapely outline. This is the ideal program for reducing the “pear shape” effect and smoothing out dimpled fatty deposits.