Pampering Facials

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Energising Facial £36.00 30 Minutes

This half hour facial includes a short facial massage and nourishing facial Cool Moisture mask using superb Nora Bode products, see your skin re-energised and feel thoroughly refreshed with this pampering facial.

Skin Heaven Facial £52.00 60 Minutes

A ‘60 minutes’ piece of heaven that you deserve. Time to revitalise dull tired looking skin with this facial that incorporates a gentle Enzyme Peeling Cream to give your skin the boost and glow it really needs. As a special touch this facial also includes a relaxing facial massage and a deeply nourishing Nora Bode Cool Moisture mask.

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Skin rejuvenation:

Non-ablasive skin rejuvenation is a gentle procedure, which can help to improve the signs of cutaneous aging. These signs arise mainly as a
result of damage induced by ultraviolet rays on the structural components of the skin, such as collagen and elastic fibres. It’s not
uncommon to find people, even in their early thirties, with a marked loss of elasticity of the skin, presence of dilated capillaries
(telangiectasia), sun-induced pigmentation changes, (dyschromia and lentigines) and wrinkles. These signs of aging will continue to worsen
upon further sun exposure. Photorejuvenation allows us to address the aspects of premature aging, due to light’s ability to promote fibroblast activity and subtly restructure collagen within the skin. The longer wavelength of the YAG laser at 1064nm enables gentle heating of the dermis, stimulating fibroblast activity and growth of collagen and elastin to improve skin laxity, skin texture and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkling. The dual wavelengths of the Duetto can simultaneously target haemoglobin, melanin and water. The sequential emission of these two wavelengths allows us to reduce epidermal pigmentation and improve skin elasticity in just a few sessions. 755nm light causes thermal damage to epidermal pigmented lesions, which are then expelled through the normal cutaneous turn-over. Small vascular lesions of the face are coagulated and eliminated by the 1064nm wavelength. This treatment is pain-free, although there may be some very mild erythema following treatment. This redness usually subsides within an
hour and you are free to wear make-up in the area.