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Laser based hair removal, & all Laser based skin treatments, such as Skin Rejuvenation, Vein removal, Pigmentation Removal are performed on the latest Lynton Duetto MT with Dual Gold Standard Laser technology. Lynton Duetto MT is world’s most advanced state of the art machine with fantastic results. Lynton machines are used by hospitals and therefore has the very best credentials. All treatments at our clinic are performed by highly trained aesthetic experts with number of years experience.


  • The latest & the best of Laser based Hair Removal
  • Superfast treatment times (up to 50% faster than any other systems)
  • Virtually pain free treatment
  • Much better results in 4-6 treatments as compared to traditional 6-8 depending on area
  • Up to 30% automatic reduction in overall treatment costs
  • Amazing results on all complex hair & skin combinations
  • Amazing results on red veins / pigmentation removal
  • The latest & the very best of Laser based Skin Rejuvenation
  • Best possible value for money


Safety is of paramount importance to us and thus is highest on our agenda. We come from Healthcare Regulation background. We have performed Thousands of treatments over the last Ten years in our State of the Art clinic facilities. All our therapists are experienced, fully qualified aesthetic experts. Also they hold specific Laser & Laser certifications. Additionally all our therapists have received the highest standard training from Lynton Lasers Ltd from time to time and attended courses approved by Manchester University and the BMLA.

We use laser machines by Lynton who have been manufacturing lasers in UK for over 20 years. Lynton are registered members of the BMLA (British Medical Laser Association) and also they are an approved supplier by NHS Supply Chain. We have been using Lynton machines over last 10 years with highly impressive results for our clients. Duetto, dual gold standard machine from Lynton is a big step forward for us.


Up to 50% Off – Call us for more details.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Approx Treatment Time Gender Cost Per session Cost of 6 Full Price Treatments 20% off course of 6 sessions
FACE - Female
Centre Brow or Earlobes 15 minsFemale£45£270£216
Upper Lip 15 minsFemale£55£330£264
Chin or Sides of Face 15 minsFemale£70£420£336
Lip & Chin or Jawline & Chin or Neck 30 minsFemale£95£570£456
Jaw, chin & upper lip 30 minsFemale£110£660£528
Full Face 45 minsFemale£145£870£696
Full Face & Front Neck 60 minsFemale£165£990£792
BODY - Female
Fingers or Nipples or Navel Line
or Toes
15 minsFemale£65£390£312
Hands or Feet 15 minsFemale£75£450£360
Underarm15 minsFemale£85£510£408
Bikini (Standard) or Buttocks 30 minsFemale£95£570£456
Bikini (Brazilian) or Lower Arm or
Abdomen or Upper Arm or lower Back
30 minsFemale£130£780£624
Bikini (Full) 45 minsFemale£165£990£792
Full Arm or Lower Leg 45 minsFemale£180£1080£864
Upper Leg 45 minsFemale£195£1170£936
Upper Leg (incl. bikini) 60 minsFemale£220£1320£1056
Full Leg 90 minsFemale£275£1650£1320
Full Leg (incl. bikini) 1 hr 45minsFemale£305£1830£1464
Underarm & Bikini (standard) 45 minsFemale£140£840£672
Underarm & Bikini (Brazilian) 45 minsFemale£165£990£792
Underarm & bikini (full) 60 minsFemale£210£1260£1008
FACE - Male
Earlobes or Centre Brow 15 minsMale£45£270£216
Upper Cheeks 15 minsMale£65£390£312
Front or Back Neck 15 minsMale£95£570£456
Front & Back Neck 30 minsMale£130£780£624
Beard 30 minsMale£140£840£672
Beard & Front Neck 45 minsMale£165£990£792
BODY - Male
Hands or Feet & Toes 15 minsMale£75£450£360
Underarm 15 minsMale£95£570£456
Buttocks 30 minsMale£110£660£528
Lower Arm or Chest or Stomach 30 minsMale£140£840£672
Whole Arm or Full Back (only) or
Shoulders & Upper Arms
60 minsMale£205£1230£984
Chest & Stomach or Lower 60 minsMale£220£1320£1056
Upper Leg or Full Back (incl.
shoulders but not arms)
75 -90 minsMale£250£1500£1200
Full Legs 90 minsMale£385£2310£1848

More about latest Duetto MT – Dual Gold Standard Laser from Lynton:

The Duetto MT combines Alexandrite (755 nm) and Long Pulsed Nd:YAG (1064 nm): two Gold Standard lasers in one platform for superior hair removal results on all skin types.

Alexandrite laser at 755nm is well established as the most clinically effective wavelength for hair removal in skin types I to IV due to its high melanin absorbency characteristics.

Nd:YAG laser at 1064nm is considered the only laser that is safe for use on Skin Type VI. The low melanin absorbency at this wavelength makes it the ideal laser for treating skin types IV to VI

The Duetto MT combination of 755 nm and 1064 nm laser offers a business the ‘best in class’ device. The most challenging area in laser hair removal has always been treating darker skins with very fine hair, such as a Fitzpatrick skin type IV with thin facial hairs. The Duetto MT now makes even these patients accessible to treatment.

Pushing the boundaries of hair removal…

For the first time we are now able to deliver these two Gold Standard wavelengths onto the skin at exactly the same time with ‘Mixed Technology’.

The Duetto MT with Mixed Technology allows the operator to simultaneously deliver a mixture of both Alex (755 nm) and Nd:YAG (1064 nm) in varying proportions, pushing the boundaries of hair removal as we know it. Mixing the efficacy of the Alexandrite laser with the safety of the Nd:YAG laser in this format means new combinations of hair and skin type can now be successfully treated.

The benefits don’t stop there, the Duetto MT can also emit these two wavelengths independently, simultaneously or sequentially, giving safer and more effective results on bronzed skins and hairs with very little melanin content (blonde / red hairs).

With optional Cryo air cooling or built in contact cooling the Duetto MT also has the ability to deliver virtually pain free treatments.

The high power and the large spot sizes allow fast treatment at the high fluences needed to completely destroy the hair follicles. The Duetto MT is the only laser in the world with this technological innovation, transcending traditional laser for more treatment possibilities.

How does it compare to Laser?

You can get poor and good quality Laser systems, but as a rule alexandrite laser is more efficient than Laser at treating very fine, light coloured hairs. It will achieve a result in typically 5-6 sessions verses 6-10 (or even more) sessions with an Laser. It is not considered safe to use an Laser on skin type 6. Only Nd:YAG laser has FDA approval for this, and it is considered the gold standard laser for hair removal on darker skin types.

How does it compare to diode lasers?

Diode lasers are effective at treating dark hairs on lighter skins. However, it is widely accepted that alexandrite laser has a more effective result on finer, lighter hairs and, Nd:YAG is a safer wavelength to use on very dark skins

Patch Test & Consultation:

We are happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and offer a free of charge consultation. If you meet the criteria and you decide to proceed, a patch test costing £25 (redeemable on your 6th treatment) will be carried out prior to treatment.

Number and Frequency of Treatments Required:

For Laser Hair Removal, Five to Six non-facial area treatments and Six to Eight facial area treatments are normally recommended at a frequency of usually four weeks depending upon the area to be treated.