Lose Inches with Fat Freezing Without Surgery

We offer advanced non-surgical fat reduction, inch loss and RF skin tightening treatments as well as a range of other beauty treatments.


Remove fat from those stubborn areas

Also known as Fat Freezing is a non-surgical procedure that removes fat from targeted areas. For anyone who is having trouble trying to lose stubborn fat despite eating healthy and exercising, Cryolipolysis will assist and accelerate fat loss. This can reduce upto 25% of fat in just one session. This takes place in 4 stages:

• Precisely controlled cooling is applied through the skin to the layer of fat
• Cooling is maintained for a predetermined time period and temperature to crystallize the fat cells. No other structures are affected by this.
• Fat cells begin a natural removal process that continues for several weeks or months through the body’s natural lymphatic system.
• The natural removal of fat cells over time results in gradual fat layer reduction. This can take from 3-4 weeks after your treatment, with optimum results being seen at 8-12 weeks, depending on every individual’s body.

Cryolipolysis works well on love handles (flanks), abdomen, back fat, inner/outer thighs

Before and after cryolipolysis pictures

  • Single treatment (40 minutes) – £90
  • 2 x treatments – £150
  • 3 x treatments – £230
  • 4 x treatments – £295


Cavitation Lipo is a non-invasive procedure to remove fat.

This is a non-surgical, painless procedure to remove fat. Cavitation Lipo is the perfect treatment for people who want overall fat reduction and contour their body. This takes place in 4 stages:

• The low frequency ultrasound waves create bubbles in the liquid that surrounds the fat cells, which grow and implode.
• As the membranes of the fat cells cannot structurally withstand the pressure, the effect of the cavitation easily breaks them down sparing vascular, nervous and muscular tissues.
• Once the fat cell is destroyed, the fat is dispersed between the cells where they are turned into free fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids are transported through vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver, where they are removed from the body while glycerol is used as energy.
• The remaining fat cells leave the body through the lymphatic system.
This also helps cellulite removal. Results can be seen immediately, following your first and second treatments with optimum results after 4-6 sessions. The process continues for 72 hours after the treatment is received.

Before and after pictures of receiving 6 session of Cavitation Lipo on the abdomen.

  • Per session – £65
  • Course of 6 – £360
  • Course of 8 – £460


Low levels of laser energy is used to remove fat cells.

How it works:

• The lower levels of laser energy emitted create a chemical signal in the fat cells breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol.
• These get released through the cell membranes.
• These will get transported to the tissue that will use them during metabolism to create energy.
• A period of exercise post treatment will greatly contribute towards eliminating the fatty acids that have been released.

Before and after having 5 sessions of Laser Inch Lipo

  • Per session – £65
  • Course of 6 – £360
  • Course of 8 – £460